Beautifully Rainy day

IMG_9703We don’t get rainy, gloomy days all that often around here. I love cool rainy weather so much. We broke out the blankets, made some hot chocolate, and have been enjoying some serious chill time today. Haven’t gotten a whole lot of sewing done, I am working on finishing a couple of hand sewing projects for Christmas that I needed a break from. So today was devoted to inspiration and learning.

Here are some simple projects to try, and some of these might work for great Christmas gifts!

  1. Seriously, a stuffed Loch Ness monster from Hannah at We Lived Happily Ever After. What an awesome movie night cuddle pillow/adorable mythical creature.


2.  Quick and easy pillow cases at Life is Sew Daily. I imagine these without the bunny, and instead snowflakes (I know there’s got to be a good template somewhere… Here!) Or how about a free hand Christmas tree with some fun thrift store buttons? Beaded garland? This would be an easy hour project, and will give you some great accents for the holidays.



3.  Nerdy and useful? Check. I really need one of THESE in my house for my loose socks. May as well save them to help out any house elves we come across.

4. As long as I’m keepin it nerdy, I’ll have to post mine when I make these comic book coasters from What’s Ur Home Story. You could use album covers, sheet music, book pages, there are so many good ideas to do with these. 

Which is your favorite? Did you decide to try one of these? I’d love to see your work! Have a great night!

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