Girl Problems


I’ve always said that if I ever had a girl, you’d be able to see her from space because of all the glitter, tutus and bows she’d have. Our family is cursed with incredibly bald babies, and I was sure Ellie would follow the tradition. Turns out she has hair, but not enough that bows aren’t still adorable, and not enough to wear hair clips.

As always, short on time and really wanting to diversify my headband options, I learned how to make them myself! Allow me to share this project that took me no more than half an hour for four headbands!

Newborn headbands 


  • 5/8″ fold over elastic 1 yard pack
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue
  • decorative fabric flowers for hair accessories (available in most craft stores)
  • felt that matches your chosen flowers

Cut a circle of felt that is the same size as the area on the bottom of your flower you would like attached to the headband. For most flowers, one to two inches across is plenty.

Cut a strip of elastic 14″ long.

To glue it all together, lay the ends of the elastic onto the felt circle, so that your elastic strip makes a circle with the ends touching. Put hot glue all over the felt circle/elastic ends, then press your flower onto it. Hold it all together while the glue dries. It is seriously that easy.


Elastic lace works really well too, and there are so many patterns for fabric and ribbon flowers out there, this will work for attaching those to headbands. They are quick, adorable, and I have a great model for them!

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