For my birthday, my family gave me some time away from the kids and free reign at my favorite fabric shops. It was such an awesome gift, as I often feel like our busy life leaves me without much time to scratch that creative itch. I spent the week leading up to my birthday trying to find inspiration for a new project. Let me tell you, I found some gorgeous styles, and am so motivated by what is possible. Let me share:



“Funky Junk” by Rene Tallman

This one is literally called “Funky Junk,” and it was made by Rene Tallman. I found it at the Modern Quilt Guild website. It’s a take on a drunkard’s path block (which I obviously love). This block is so versatile and the triangular pattern within the circles is so eye catching.









“Elements-Air” by Ursula Kern

Then I found an artist that I just adore. Her quilts have beautiful color and motion. I can’t stop looking at them! Her name is Ursula Kern, and her website is linked right here. I’ll just post my favorite here, but I strongly recommend you look through all of her work, it is absolutely breathtaking. While I found much more that inspired me, her work has so captivated me that I keep returning to it. I hope at some point I am able to see color and pattern so well that I can emulate what she is accomplishing.


So now with inspiration in my mind, I……


Got really sick, hahahaha. In fact, the whole family got sick, and then I stayed sick. It’s been a month and I’m still sick. I have learned a very valuable lesson. I should not sit down to sew when I am not feeling well.  The combination of being stuck in the house, out of energy, and a lil short on patience, has made me want to escape into quilting. Yet, every single time I have found some time/energy to sit down and sew, things have gone catastrophically wrong.

First there was brainstorming, where I picked out several designs for a new throw blanket. I actually mustered the energy to make it to the fabric shop, then confused the design I was trying to accomplish and purchased incorrect yardage and not enough coordinating fabrics. Yay for my fabric stash, not so thrilling for starting something new. Then, once I 14408068_10154523298397930_148426335_ohad the design and yardage correct (and completely changed my mind on where I was going with my color scheme)… I cut out every single template piece incorrectly. I realized this once I started sewing, and of course all of my pieces were cut out at that point. Thankfully, I had enough left over to cut out almost all of my pieces correctly, so that didn’t result in needing even more fabric. Then, once sewing, my points on my blocks weren’t lining up and my seam ripper and I got to become besties over the course of an afternoon. I finally got the hint and gave up for now.

That being said, I was introduced to digital prints during this whole process. Oh my gosh I
am in love! There is so much color and detail, and the fabric is still so soft. I picked up this butterfly print and just want to cover everything with it. Honestly, it was finding this print that got the gears turning in a specific direction, instead of just kinda turning all over the place.

So the plan is to try a new skill (paper piecing) and at some point in the near future take a class in machine quilting. Here’s the first quarter block and a picture of my son learning how to cut paper while I cut quilt pieces. Happy Friday and enjoy creating!


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