15178098_10154712385437930_519281310441182465_n  If it’s any illustration of how my year has been, I was half done with Ellie’s Christmas stocking when she was born in January. It was still unfinished at Thanksgiving. It’s been an amazing year, but a very busy one! Now we are staring down Christmas, and it’s time to finish up a whole mess of projects.

Christmas stockings are made from Bucilla felt kits in my family. It’s a tradition that came to my family when I was already a teenager, when my step-mom joined the family. My step-grandma Maxine welcomed my siblings and I to the family with stockings. I loved seeing all of our stockings hung, and with five kids in my family no mantle could contain the awesomeness. Last I saw them all together, they had to be hung across a doorway to stay together.

With my own family now, I’ve added stockings one by one. My husband, my son, and now my daughter all have their own. I’ve also added a Christmas countdown calendar designed by Bucilla. This is the first year Jude has really gotten into it, and it’s been really fun to have him pick out an ornament to put into the calendar.

If you have never done any sort of hand sewing, and are interested in learning, these kits are a great way to build skills and stay in practice. So many of the projects I have done have involved at least some hand work, and when mixing machine and hand sewing, the hand work stands out. Like when you are finishing a quilt! Speaking of which…


Ellie’s quilt is done! I called for reinforcements again with quilting. Creation Station does such an incredible job. I felt like the colors were a little washed out when I brought it in, but they helped me with thread choice and quilt pattern and the result was even better than what was in my mind. I did the binding myself, machined the top, hand stitched the back. I had sick kids in there somewhere, so I just got it done last night! I’m so glad I got it done in time for Christmas!

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I’d love to say Jude’s quilt will get done as well, but we will see. I’m feeling ambitious! I hope you all have happy holidays and a very crafty new year!

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