Getting things done.

Just like that, half the year is gone. So much has changed. When I started this site, I thought it would be an easy thing to hop on here and write about my quilting journey every few weeks. I think having been someone who thought being a stay-at-home mom was going to leave me with so much time, I greatly overestimate my abilities as a mom or underestimate the time it takes to do just about everything. Let’s hope it’s the latter!

While there hasn’t been much time to write, there has been so much progress in sewing. A few months back I met a friend who has made a habit with me to take Fridays for sewing. We don’t realize how important it is to carve time out for ourselves, do we? Taking that dedicated time, with the added benefit of having a great friend to hang out with while working, has been food for the soul. Since then, I’ve finished jammie pants, vinyl candy bag purses, owl bags, a really handy dandy clutch for sewing stuff, a ladybug, Jude’s quilt, and almost finished the hearts quilt. So. Much. Progress. I’ve tackled stitch-in-the-ditch quilting and free-motion quilting on my new machine. I’ve learned new piecing techniques become so much less afraid of trying new things.

This has been amidst the general chaos of life. I have a dancing, walking, stomping, singing, talking, signing, toddler on my hands. Her big brother has been signed up for kindergarten, and is taking an interest in science and building things, both things we try so hard to support. The kids are amazing.

So let’s get down to what we are here for! First, allow me to post pics of my favorite completed projects! 20170522-IMG_4971

My little man has been asking about his quilt since his sisters was done for Christmas. I finally gave up on my old machine making this blanket work. I got some great advice from a friend and got a brother machine from Costco. It’s amazing, it was inexpensive and has so many more features than I ever knew I needed. It also made stitch-in-the-ditch possible, as it came with a small extension table. It took me a couple months to get comfortable with the new machine before I put this blanket back up on my table, but once I did, it didn’t take too long to finish. This is my first quilt where I’ve done every step on my own. It’s also my first attempt at machine quilting. He loves his quilt, and his dad has found a quilting style he doesn’t feel makes the blanket too stiff.

If you’re just starting out, this is a great pattern to try, there’s a great tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co. that you can reach by clicking that link.

This is my bionic gear bag. I love this bag! It fits everything I used on my sewing table on a regular basis and makes it so easy to clean it up so my roaming toddler can’t snatch things up. It was a crazy make, and at first I didn’t think it was something I wanted to bite off, but my sewing buddy convinced me I needed one. She was totally right, and it was definitely outside my skill level. I’m so glad I did it. There are so many patterns for bags like these all over the internet. I suggest making one, and taking the time to search for one that works for your gear!

This leaves my unfinished  hearts quilt. It has been quilted! Free-motion! By ME! I gave it my best shot and it’s going to be good enough I think. I am working on binding it, then it needs to be washed and I’ll post pics. Now all I have left is one quilt top that needs to be quilted and bins upon bins of fabric that needs to be magicked into inspired blankets!

If you’ve made it this far, I’d love to see a picture of a quilt style or idea that you love! Break out your Pintrest boards and let me see what your beautiful minds come up with!

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