School Already?

We have had such a crazy few weeks here at the Perona house! Jude started Kindergarten, and adventure he’s been soooo ready for.20170815-IMG_5099 We are on our second week and I think he’s doing well and likes it, but I really cannot get anything out of him regarding his school day. I’ll ask what he learned today and he enthusiastically answers “Everything!” If i ask what they did at school, his answer will sometimes be something like sing or dance but when I follow up with “What did you sing/dance?” His answer is always “All the songs!” So it’s a losing battle. He did tell me one of these days that there was a light that blinked and made noise. That, for those who aren’t used to deciphering the vagueness of 5-year-old speech, is a fire alarm.

So our days have changed. Our schedule is just so much more… scheduled. I’m sure we will be used to it in no time. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t stressful. He’s so much more tired when he gets home and that makes my time with him harder, and of course I have less time with him now. At the same time, it’s so good to see him with the other kids. He’s so friendly. I see him making friends and reaching out to the kids at his table and his teacher. He’s going to be great at this whole school thing.

My big kid also lost his first tooth. I seriously think it’s been a blink since he was born. I don’t know where the time goes anymore. 20170822-IMG_4759

Meanwhile, while I’m stressed I like to sew and I think I mentioned I REALLY love the quilt I was making. It’s being made for my Mother-In-Law, Marlene. I think she is probably sick to death of how much I talk about it, and maybe a little scared of the final product never making it to her. They were just here for a visit, and the extra hands on deck allowed me lots of sewing time! So much so that I injured my hand and both Marlene and Matt stepped in to do lots of cutting for me. Between how much fun it was putting together and the extra help, I hammered this one out in record time!


I’m getting to that point in piecing where I can trust my seams a little more, and have developed some trouble shooting abilities. This quilt had few hitches along the way, came out pretty darn square and lays flat. For non-quilters, we worry about lettuce edges and crooked quilts because they can mean your seams are off, your measuring is off, or you are stretching your fabric as you sew.  I hear it’s pretty common stuff, and the more I learn, the more I see my beginner mistakes in my work.

All that being said, I am so proud of this quilt. Gray Sky Studio really made a great pattern and fabric line. I purchased mine at Creation Station, so if you want to make one of these too, you should call them! Mine is off to Creation Station for quilting already, and I will post it again once it’s completed.


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