Revamping my space

IMG_6758.JPGI’ve always wanted space to sew. When we moved here and I was able to carve out my corner, I went a little nuts with all the ideas I had of how to best use the space. Of course ideas only go so far, and I ended up being creative with what we had. It didn’t take long to figure out I had outgrown the space far before I even had it.  I’m so embarrassed to show this, but I KNOW I’m not alone. When you love to do something like I love sewing, it’s easy for it to overflow.

The Plan

I needed fabric storage. My best sewing buddy and partner in crime got me into using magazine boards for storage. My goal is to use my stash often and whenever possible, and I feel the best way to do that is to be able to see all of the fabric you have. It needs to be protected from the sun and kids, but still needs to be accessible. Also, it needs lots of shelves that are movable to accommodate different length boards and ever changing stash.

Current projects need to be stored somewhere that allows me to keep the pattern and fabric earmarked for a project together. Something that allowed me to safely store already cut pieces would be a plus too.

A cutting/ironing table is a must. I’ve seen tons of ladies using a small tv tray table to cut and iron on, but I need more space. I also like to / need to take breaks often. Having to get up to iron and cut things is a good thing. Also, it’s easier to start a silly dance party with the kids while standing. This also means that I need cutting and marking tools at both my sewing desk and the cutting table.

We also need notion storage, pattern storage, ruler storage, storage, storage, and more storage. There’s just stuff. It needs a place. Interfacing, batting, scraps, template plastic, tracing paper, regular paper, stuff.

So it begins.


This is what we came up with. IKEA is cheap and all about efficient use of space. Pinterest helped me hack a KALLAX cutting table. BILLY bookshelves with glass doors for fabric and an ALEX storage unit for current projects and sewing table extension.

Immediately upon receiving our furniture, we realized two of our doors were missing and the other was broken in half. IKEA has great customer service, even if you have to wait a long time to talk to someone. They offer delivery but it is slow where we live, so it’s been about a month since we started this project, and they are delivering three new doors later this week.

We needed a counter top for the KALLAX hack. Again being not nearly as full of cash as ideas, a counter top the width I needed it was way outside the budget. We did a lot of research and decided we wanted to attempt to make our own butcher block. I also needed some sort of thread storage, and stole an idea from my friend. She has a shelf built into a picture frame that hangs on the wall. I don’t have a serger or long-arm, so it’s perfect for the little spools I have.  Matt and I have little to no experience woodworking, but we are now proud owners of some grown up tools and are getting well acquainted with Home Depot and their rental tool section. Both projects are coming along nicely, and will hopefully be finished in time for the new doors to get here.

This leaves us with the bookshelf backings painted and all of the bookshelves built. The cutting table is built and on casters for moving around when I need to work on all four sides. Most of my fabric is rolled and additional shelves need to be added. The Alex unit is built, and Matt added some rubber contact paper to the top drawer which leaves me with a great place to organize all of the little tools for sewing without them turning into a mess. The counter top is cut, sanded, and laid out. Assembly starts tonight. The frame is built as is the extension on the back of the frame for the shelves. I hope to have that done and painted by the end of this week. Here’s some pictures of our progress:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While this has been going on, I’ve also been really trying to get a baby quilt done for one of my oldest and dearest friends, who just had a baby. She wanted pink, mint, and maybe a hint of yellow for her little girl. It took me forever to find the right combination of fabric, and then Dora Cary from Orange Dot gave a presentation at our quilt guild and she had this great fabric line from Kate Spain. This is another one that I made from start to finish, including quilting it on my machine. The pattern is from Orange Dot Quilts. I really love how clean and light it looks. I hope it gets lots of love!



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