My name is Sara and I love to sew, and I’m also a nerd. Surprising, right? My mind runs a million miles a minute and being creative gives me something to focus on, and sometimes a much needed distraction from mommy life. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children (Jude and Ellie) and being a mother has been one of the most incredible journeys thus far, but one can only watch so much Super Why, or fight with a child so many times about pulling up his pants before this girl gets a lil worn out on daily grind.

Quilting is like life to me. You have these great ideas of what you want a project to look like. You plan, you have this idea of what you want your quilt to look like. The colors and pattern in your head are crystal clear, but the fabrics you see change your vision into something slightly different but still resembling the plan. Your skill leaves imperfections in design, and sometimes causes you to modify your pattern or start over doing something else. You cut apart all your fabric into a mess of tiny little pieces. Then slowly, it all comes together. When it’s done, it’s not exactly what you wanted and it certainly isn’t perfect, but it’s beautiful in all of its imperfections. At the end of the project you are proud, and have loved every part of the process, and how it brought you to the finished product.

I started this blog thinking I would be doing lots of little projects along the way. In the last two years I’ve really been focusing mostly on building my quilting skills. I’m going to focus on progress and tips and tricks along the way. Hope you enjoy it!

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